Notary Public Services in Colchester, Clacton, Frinton, Ipswich, Chelmsford, Essex and Suffolk

If you need to send a document abroad, you will almost certainly need to have your signature witnessed by a Notary Public.

A Notary Public is a specialised lawyer who is authorised to witness, and certify as true copies, documents for use abroad. If you have your document witnessed or certified by a solicitor who is not a Notary Public your document will more than likely be rejected – because few countries outside England and Wales accept the authority of an English lawyer who is not a Notary Public. This is because England has a different legal system from most other countries in the world.

If your documents relate to a property transaction abroad, or legal action abroad, then any unnecessary delay has the potential to be costly, so it is essential that if you are advised to have your documents notarised then you make an appointment with a Notary Public rather than a solicitor.

Apostille Services in Essex and Suffolk

Some countries will ask for an Apostille stamp or seal.  This is a certificate given by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and attached to your document which confirms that the document has been signed or witnessed by a Notary Public or other public official recognised by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

In some cases your document will also have to go to the UK-based embassy of the country you are sending it to for further certification before the document can be sent abroad.

In most cases you will be told by the receiving country what signatures or certificates your document requires – but in any case I will explain the correct process to follow to ensure that your document is effective abroad and organise that procedure for you.


If the matter is simple I will charge a fixed fee and will tell you the fee before our meeting. I do not charge VAT.

For more complicated or time-consuming matters the fee will be based on my hourly rate of £250 and I will give you an estimate of the likely cost before our meeting.

For further information please see Fees, Terms and Regulation.

Notary Public Checklist

Notary Public Essex

The work of a Notary Public is not a “rubber stamping” exercise. The authority and seal of a Notary Public is accepted throughout the world and is therefore an essential part of the process of authenticating and validating documents. Any Notary Public will therefore need to see evidence of your identify and proof of your address. It will save you time if you take a few moments to gather the following documents:

  • Proof of your identity (Birth Certificate; Passport; Driving Licence or other official photographic ID)
  • Proof of your address (Utility bill; Bank Statement)
  • Documents to be Notarised
  • Instructions from your solicitor / attorney
  • Your payment

You will be advised of fees payable when you make an appointment.

You will need to let me know the type of authentication required (Notarisation, Apostille) and the countries the documents are intended for.  I will be able to advise you on the telephone beforehand of the exact cost – or likely cost if there are several documents and/or legalisation by consulates is necessary.
If your document just needs to be notarised then it will be ready on the day that you see me.  There will be a delay if the document needs to be further legalised with an apostille or consular stamp, but I have access to a courier who can hand deliver your documents to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office  and/or foreign embassy and so eliminate the need for you to travel to London and reduce the waiting time for the legalisation process to complete.